A suburbian county in southeast Pennsylvania Montco (short for Montgomery County) borders Philadelphia to the northwest. Filled with a wide range of people, Montco has everything from upscale mansions (Blue Bell, Gwynedd Valley) to high-rises and cardboard boxes (Norristown, Conshohocken). This should not be confused with Montgomery County, Maryland, who's abbreviation is the much more femininemoco.
by Kyle February 23, 2005
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the best county in the state of pennsylvania.... move over delco, you guys suck!! VPT
wow you live in montco, thats so much better than delco
by vpt April 28, 2019
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The community college of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. An extremely affordable, live at home college with all basic majors. The last resort for high school seniors who were too lazy to apply anywhere else or were completely rejected by other colleges. Thought to be the holding tank for all stupid or poor people/people with no future by students in students in surrounding townships, such as Abington.
Yo man, you goin' to the ivy leagues?
Nah, I'm going to MontCo.
by Passive Agression February 07, 2017
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