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1. A pirate's treasure that once belonged to a large beast of some sort. Usually these large beasts would would go by the name of Shug Night or Big Poppa. They would battle eachother using only rhyming words, but then resort to guns when a feeling of insupieriority would around within them. If one survived, they would collect the other's booty, to later become instict, and have their treasure become of high demand.

2. A woman's large ass. This ass is not proportionate to the rest of their body, much like the head of a midget. Some would also call this a "Bubble Butt". That term is now obsolete.
Pirate says: "arrrrr, look er dat der bubble butt, no, tis better den a bubble butt, tis a Monster Booty! Walk da plank Woman!"
"yo son, I wanna tap dat Monster Booty
It be lookin so sweet n goody
she so ghetto dat she wears a hoody
but she look so dang moody"
by FancyHancy February 07, 2008
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