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1. Sexiest family to walk the earth.
2. The act of making something sexy.
3. A sexual act involving a Monkman.
1. Damn, those Monkmans are super-fly.
2. "Pimp my ride" is for pussies, I gave my car the Monkman Treatment.
3. Yo, bitch - get over here so I can Monkman your ass.
by Monkanator December 09, 2007
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when a man puts his bellend against another man's bellend and pulls the foreskin over it
You're such a monk man!!
by <no comment> March 23, 2004
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A man of nature and peace who loves to travel and enjoy the world through observation. Usually has long gray hair and/or a long gray beard. Is known to be an ominous man but in a good way. The Monkman can impregnate a woman with a single touch of his finger and can be impregnated themselves by Mudmen who jump on top of them and impregnate them. The Monkman's mortal enemy is the Mothman. There is only 1 Monk man at one time, there for when the Monkman is spotted, the preceding Monkman is no longer considered a Monkman. It is disrespectful to physically write down the name Monkman on paper. Once that happens, the person who wrote his name on the paper will no cease to see The Monkman. Forever. Travels via public transportation buses. Very rarely will a the Monkman be black, however this has been known to happen on at least one occasion. The Monkman does not speak
(Driving down the street)

James- Total Monkman in that price chopper parking lot!!!

Earl- Holy shit pull in pull in we need to get a better look at him!!!

(The one driving precedes to make a psycho left turn at 35MPH into the parking lot )
by StingrayJ65 May 13, 2011
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