A sex possition both of the legs are broken and the guy uses household trash to pleasure the woman until the ambulance arrives.
"What's all this trash doing down here? its like a fucking monkey cage happened down here."
by wildbill001 May 25, 2009
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Refering to someone who will/can put the beat down on everyone in site. 2. Someone thats laid back but when needed or required will straighten some shit out.
After Jon realized what she had been doing behind his back, he told Denise; "Your messin' with the Gorilla in the monkey cage".
by Patrick L. August 17, 2006
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A system administrator who works in a datacenter.
The server is down but the cage monkeys are banging on stuff, so it should be back up soon.
by AjiraKimberly March 31, 2009
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A girl in a bikini with a stray pubic hair popping out the side or top. Like a caged monkey with an arm reaching out of a cage at the zoo.
You are getting ready to go to the pool for the first time in summer. Your wife puts on her bikini and still has her Winter bush. You notice a stray pubic hair that she did not tuck in. You tell her "You look great, but you have a caged Monkey"
by Nagger Lover February 2, 2014
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When someone walks in on you masturbating, you proceed to shit in your hand accompanied by monkey noises, and lob the steaming pile at the unfortunate victim.
"Oh god, why are you doing that on the coffee table!?!"
monkey sounds
throw poop

by DJ-RT August 12, 2008
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