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A term used to describe when a situation is so tremendously Fucked up that it is beyond repair.
I've seen Monkey Shit Fights organized better than this!
by JSP123 October 12, 2008
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Two or more monkeys fighting with rolled balls of their own shit often resulting in a filthy shit fest.
Hey Mike, you wanna go out and watch the Laker game later? Hell No, I'd rather watch a monkey shit fight.
by teakyden November 19, 2007
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A euphemism for a nigger drive by shooting. Derived from the fact that niggers are basically monkeys, and their aim during one of their trademark "drive by's" is so terrible that they'd usually do as much damage by throwing their shit at the target (Maybe more, they could give him AIDS)
There was a Monkey Shit Fight last night down the road, every shot missed and no one was hurt.
by OG Jamal Jefferson November 24, 2009
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