The state of being completely focused on and only on training. In monk mode, there are no women, no alcohol, no fun, ONLY training.
Animal was going monk mode and therefore refused to be distracted, in any way, from his training.
by Commando May 20, 2004
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a mental state that allows the individual to assume control over his or her mental well-being and eventually augment his value in an attempt to revamp his life conditions.
Every first week of every month I go into monk mode to elevate my consciousness.
by WhiteMustang03 February 2, 2020
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Being on the journey of forming habits you think the successful version of you would do.
Person 1: Let's go out tonight, text Izzy to come
Person 2: I'm down, but Izzy is in Monk Mode right now. He is probably working on his business.
by Falvarezmay December 29, 2022
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a state of mind where the person focuses on the monke grindset, this includes:

eating a banana

training for 10 hours a day / or gaining knowledge for 10 hours a day

and daily monke noises for 15 mins per hour

monke's can do anything and especially when you're in monke mode you can do anything
greg: hey what's he doing?

dan: he's going monke mode! leave him alone for a while
by shovel_monke_man_thegodofmonky November 28, 2021
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