Monika Cobain is an Irish singer and song writer who is the niece of Kurt Cobain. Monika can play many instruments and is most known for coming second place in Eurovision 2019 with her song “smells like Mairead’s Spirit”
Wait I hear a really good song it must be made by Monika
by Bigtendertits June 24, 2019
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She is such a Monika
by adifas November 26, 2021
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To completely delete a video game character's data from your computer without making a backup.
So, instead of simply not interacting with the character, you just Monika'd him? Power move, bro.
by Rowmacnezumi November 21, 2019
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monika...somebody who hangs your childhood friend delete's cute ol buddy pal chum friend amigo home slice dog...(aka natsuki DDLC) delete's yuri...AND then just monika now I need to go before monika delete's the game bye~! aha~ just joking monika wont delete the game silly~ well not until you reach the end and delete monika~ hope you enjoyed reading this and rember~ doki doki forever~ and also just monika
by pokemonmaster1798 August 15, 2018
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= Perfect. No 🧢
Person 1 “Hey can you look up Perfect in the dictionary
Person 2“Yeh sure thing
Person 2 “all there is, is a picture of this girl”
Person 1 “ DAMN SHES FINE!!!”
Person 2 “ Yes, Thats Monika”
Person 1 “ whoever is talking to her must be the luckiest person in the whole world”
Person 2 “ yes, they know they are 😉
by NotKaylenCraft August 25, 2021
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Someone who killed all of her friends by altering their personalities just to get the person she likes.
She's very creepy but we all love her.
She's the star of the literature club, but in reality she's all alone and sad because she's stuck in a "dating sim'', and MC was the closest thing she had to being a real person
"just monika, just monika, just monika, just monika, just monika, just monika, just monika, JUST JUST MONIKA''
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