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A complete and udder spastic, that no one can stand who should have been killed at birth.
by thekingforever September 18, 2012
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slick sexy salesman...or more commonly known as cheesepuff
at the end of the evening he became a sexy mongbean
by Lady K October 19, 2003
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Name given to a rather sad little boy who has an unhealthy obsession for bowling pins and their many uses.
Oh, Your such a Mongbean!
by Stef May 05, 2004
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Formally known as Trevor Chie, Mongbean has a bukakke face problem where people find it necessary to Mazz on his face. So from this day forth, all people who have a problem with randoms Mazzing on their faces should be known as Mongbean.
Someone just mazzed on his face, he's such a Mongbean!
by Sif not be the dead girl May 10, 2004
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