n. the phenomenon of addiction to money and material wealth which supersedes and overrides any and all other concerns, i.e., humanitarian, environmental, basic decency etc.
"Money Drug, help forget, pity for all those fortunate,

Principles you betray, step on the weaker along the way"

- World Wide War, "Money Drug" (2008)
by Vox Populare October 19, 2009
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Money, cash, funds, whether in hand, cold hard or electronical funds, it's currency earned from selling drugs, from as amateur as slinging coke on your nearest street corner, to as professional as having a weed smuggling branch you bought out from the Cartel, it's all drug money and of course, is usually illegally earned. Also see black market.
Big Boy Ben bought a 1300 dollar'd gaming rig after earning money from one nights worth! He's GOTTA be on some drug money grind or something.

The CIA arrested a big time Cartel boss the other day, they found 2 million dollars worth of drug money in his factory, he was going to make a serious trade with the Mafia they say.
by Zure the Dark Being April 17, 2013
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