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Momsta®-(noun) a: a mother, mom, mum, mommy or motherly figure who: Loves, Provides and Protects with a FIERCENESS.

b: a female parent who realizes the power of her feminine energy and unapologetically walks in her FULL authority.

c. an unconquerable beast when protecting her: young, lineage and legacy.

d. a woman managing motherhood, family life and career
a. She is a momsta who will do anything for her children!

b. She is not a regular mom she is a momsta.
c. Serena William's is a certified momsta who has conquered giving birth and WIMBLEDON!
by Certified Momsta July 04, 2018
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When a Mother catches her son doing Gangsta Activities and slaps him around she goes "Momsta" on him
That boy was looting as the City was being mobbed. His Mother Caught him with his Gangsta Clothing on and went "Momsta" on him.
by Artfulcodger4444 April 28, 2015
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