A form of fear-mongering stirred up by the national media and parents everywhere. Apparently, the Momo Challenge is a challenge featuring a scary picture that is put in children's videos challenging them to do dangerous activities. Only problem with this is that there's no proof that the challenge even exists, much less is it an issue. However, school districts and law enforcement are freaking out over it due to public fear and mass hysteria.
The only people to fall for the Momo challenge were adults. Grow up, guys.
by Fuck the momo challenge March 7, 2019
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A sick challenge that appears during apps and social media’s such as YouTube kids and Fortnite, this pop up is a picture of a creepy bug eyes woman with a hideous smile and a voice over. The voice over says things such as “wake up at 4 AM” or “don’t sleep tonight” but more severe and violent ones can say things such as “jump off your roof” or “turn on the gas stove when your mom is sleeping. It targets children and is supposed to appear when parents aren’t watching. Be careful and remember that it’s not real!
(F/N), have you heard of the Momo Challenge? It’s pretty messed up!
by JustTryingToHelpOut. February 27, 2019
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Friend:"Have you played that new game the Momo Challenge?"
Me: "Yeah, that game rocks. Wanna play multiplayer after work?"
by YRNKelpy November 10, 2020
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