1.) someone who takes his penis out during oral sex and hits his girl in the face with it.
2.) someone who gave a severe, one sided beating
Personification of Mollywhop
1.) "this boy's a fool, girl didnt know he was a mollywhopper and she got a face full."
2.) "it was an even fight till this mollywhopper came through and cleaned up on 'em."
by Yola September 21, 2007
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A hard wangslap that leaves a purple mushroom on a girl's face.
I just gave my ho a nice mollywhopper!
by ANTI POP 102 October 9, 2004
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Word used to describe someone getting the bejesus beat out of them.
by Mylong Wang March 20, 2004
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A person or persons addicted to Molly (MDMA), often notable while displaying the effects during the day out in public.
The mollywhoppers are out in force at Walmart really vibing with the parking lot soundtrack.
by CynicalOz October 8, 2021
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