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Molham comes from the Arabic word meaning inspired, and that is indeed what a Molham is.

A Molham is fearless, ruthless on the battlefield, and in ancient Sudanese Myths is believed to have mystical knowing powers that help those around him grow, not by telling them what they will do wrong, but by letting them do it and by that learn.

A Molham will lead when no leaders can, and will step back when he believes others need to learn to lead. A Molham will put everyone first but will lay his vengeance upon you if crossed.

A Molham is also synonym for loyalty, bravery, honor.
"شكراً لقد جعلتني ملهم "
"Thank you, you have made me a Molham."

"تعلو يا عيال السودان أحكي ليكم قصة عن ملهم المحارب العظيم، الكان عليم وحكيم و يحب أن يساعد الناس بالحكمة التي أنزلها عليه الله"
"Gather around children of Sudan and let me tell you a myth about Molham the great warrior, who was knowledgeable and wise, and loved to help people with the wisdom God had blessed him with."
by KryptoniteFirefly July 25, 2012
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