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The Moist Board is an Internet bulletin board where cultured, sophisticated, knowledgeable, discriminating enthusiasts of science fiction post their fair and balanced, unbiased, insightful reviews and constructive criticisms of a wide variety of sci-fi works.

The ‘Moisties’, or members of the Moist Board, are a lively, freewheeling, eclectic group, originally brought together by a mysterious figure using the nom de web ‘Stallion Cornell’. The origins of many of the Moisties are shrouded in myth, however, it is an established fact that even discussing a possible connection between a Moistie and the Illuminati is a bannable offense on their bulletin board.

While widely highly regarded and respected among the other members of the Internet’s sci-fi community, the Moisties are not without their eccentricities, that include: a pathological revulsion of the word ‘cockatiel’, near reverence for David Hasselhoff, and the arcane ability to hack cell phones.
Did you read Stallion Cornell’s last review of Battlestar Galactica on the Moist Board? I don’t know who he is, but that guy really knows what he’s talking about!
by AuntyMouse April 23, 2009
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Stallion Cornell's Moist Board is a haven for some of the biggest trolls on the internet. The founding members of Moist Board are well known for using dozens of handles to harass and troll legitimate message forums.

Although they often pretend to be a legitimate message forum for serious science fiction discussion, their real agenda is to lure unsuspecting people from other forums to Moist Board so that they can change their posts and assign insulting avatars and nasty ranks to the newbie.
Moist Board changes posts of their members and gives new members insulting avatars against the member's will.
by Lyle Norg May 23, 2009
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Moist Board is a collection of well known internet trolls, spammers and cloners. Initially from the bulletin boards, they ended up forming their own message forum due to their trolling antics being repeatedly deleted from SciFi.

The Moist Board members tend to follow their leader "Stallion Cornell" around the web, looking for new websites to troll. They are well known for creating hundreds of alternate nicknames and handles and for holding spirited debates with themselves via the use of their various clones.

The Moist Board is obsessed with the 1978 tv series Battlestar Galactica and endlessly harass fans of the new, more successful show.

The Moist board is also well known for altering the posts of members who disagree with their points of view. The Moist Board has set the bar for mod-panel abuse which other forums find difficult to duplicate.
The Moist Board is a collection of internet trolls obsessed with the tv series Battlestar Galactica
by Jean Paul Desmond April 17, 2009
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