Arabic term for being the best guy around, usually a person is referred to as mohannad if you have lots of friends.
"Look how many friends he has he must be mohannad."
by Fab girl May 22, 2017
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The sexist guy on the planet and has a bigger dick than rayan
Oh is that Mohannad he is soo sexy
by mohannad alradad August 29, 2019
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Mohannad is a sexy guy, a man’s man. Mohannad is driven to achieve and accomplish goals, and is motivated by success. A Mohannad will usually have a hairy chest, and a sweaty butt. Mohannad will definitely keep you up at night with his snoring, but he is so much fun that wouldn’t even mind!
“I’m seeing Mohannad tonight, I have to pack a hot dress and some noise canceling headphones
by ButtercupD November 24, 2021
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mohannad/lix is used when someone thinks he is so cool and funny, while in reality he just looks like emo spongebob
mohannad/lix-kun i cant stop laughing >////<
by yume.l0 October 11, 2021
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