modern spongebob is a spongebob that is modern, for many, spongebob started to get modern at season 5, modern spongebob sucked so bad that even the creator Stephen Hillenburg returned to spongebob at season 9 to try to make things better, and it did got better, seasons 9 to 11 were probably the best of modern spongebob, but then stephen died and modern spongebob went downhill again. Let´s hope season 13 gets better. Also when will Nickelodeon stop being money thirsty and end spongebob alredy goddamnit.
Have you seen a modern spongebob episode?
Yes, i did
by dance in the moonlight June 18, 2021
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The spiritual successor to the Team Fortress 2 weapon "The Dead Ringer."
The Modern Spongebob
Level 1 Cloak Watch
Cloak Type: Modern Spongebob
Serves as an always active safety parachute that allows you to feign your death
by guymcguyperson July 18, 2021
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