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modern spongebob is a spongebob that is modern, for many, spongebob started to get modern at season 5, modern spongebob sucked so bad that even the creator Stephen Hillenburg returned to spongebob at season 9 to try to make things better, and it did got better, seasons 9 to 11 were probably the best of modern spongebob, but then stephen died and modern spongebob went downhill again. Let´s hope season 13 gets better. Also when will Nickelodeon stop being money thirsty and end spongebob alredy goddamnit.
Have you seen a modern spongebob episode?
Yes, i did
by dance in the moonlight June 18, 2021
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1. A river that doesn´t have an end.

2. A random 2014 pink floyd album that nobody asked for, most of it is just The Division Bell unreleased songs, there is only 2 songs that has lyrics, but one of them is just some dude talking, the last one is actually a song, "louder than words" is the only song from the endless river that actually is new. Even though it is the biggest shit pink floyd ever made since 1987´s "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" It still managed to peak at #3 on Billbord, i think it only peaked so high becouse pink floyd name was in it.
1. I have an endless river of problems!
If you keep searching on The urban dictionary, you will never reach the end of the river.

2. Have you herd "The endless river"
Yes. It´s shit. 10/10.
by dance in the moonlight June 18, 2021
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