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A model's version of exercise. Model + Exercise = ModerCize.

Models in general are pretty lazy and don't really workout. At least not in a traditional sense... Models get their exercise walking, dancing, fidgeting, etc... all these things burn calories, but only if you count them.

You can burn more calories ModerCizing then you can sometimes on a treadmill at the gym, plus ModerCizing is way more fun!
The models backstage were laughing, dancing, and posing for the press before hitting the runway: this is their exercise aka ModerCize!

Changing clothes can burn up to 200 calories an hour! No wonder models are so skinny! ModerCize!
by ModelSkinny August 28, 2011
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A model's definition of exercise:


1. A type of physical movement or activity a model will refer to as exercise, because it burns calories. Shopping is great exercise and burns lots of calories!

Types of ModerCize can include "traditional" exercise but are usually mundane activities such as:

Fidgeting (tapping your foot) 120 calories/hour
Shopping- 156 calories/hour
Dancing- 442 calories/hour
Walking (leisure)- 283 calories/hour
Kissing/Hugging- 68 calories/hour
Dressing- 136 calories/hour
Cleaning (light) 170 calories/hour
*Based on a 150lb person (results may vary)

Antonyms: Traditional exercises like weight-lifting, running, etc...
ModerCize Example: Backstage at the Versace show the models in hair and makeup were FIDGETING constantly; tapping their feet and always posing for the camera. Once finished with hair and makeup, they were attached to their iPhones, listening to music and DANCING and bopping around. Once it was showtime, it was UNDRESS, DRESS, WALK, UNDRESS, DRESS, WALK, UNDRESS... you get it. On average, the Versace models burned about 250 calories ModerCizing. That's as many calories as you'd burn running for 30 minutes!
by ModelSkinny May 25, 2011
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