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1) n. -A term to refer to the enchanting unobtainable woman. The mix between the Unicorn and Moby Dick. The Unicorn is the mystical creature. The most amazing, most beautiful, most widely sought after animal (woman) on the planet. Now Moby Dick is that creature that you chase and chase and chase but will never be able to obtain. Which in the end you will kill yourself in the hunt. So put them both into one word, and you have that beautiful, enchanting, highly desired woman. Who you will never ever, ever never, ever ever never get.
1. There goes my mobicorn walking down the street with that bum again.

2. That mobicorn broke my heart, again!

3. Don't chase the mobicorn, she will just kill you.
by The Nuge & Kat March 28, 2013
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