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Moback is that type of person to overuse the "Red B" emoji and also a person whom is very weak, He is often bad at games and usually clueless and most of the time a unresponsive person (Antisocial).
Guy 1: "Hey you didn't get my last few messages are you there bro?.."
Moback: *Checks message and leaves it*

Guy 2": "C'mon man and know you're there it says you're online"
Moback: ".... gtg"
by JahJayDog June 09, 2018
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A parking lot attendant, usually of the African American variety and common in New Orleans tourist areas. This term is derived from the only two words you ever hear him say.
Car owner: "That mo back had us park on the far side of the lot even though there were three other spaces close by."
Mo Back: (while signalling someone to back into a spot) "mo back!"
by hanksbeer August 18, 2008
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