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Derived from "Moan" and Man"

A nickname for delinquent, lackadaisical fools, who's constant vainglorious grandiloquence can often be vexatious to others.

Moamen believe their opinions are indubitable, and their skills incomparable. They possess the only plausible answer to every conceivable question.
Professor: (asks question) "Class, this question is theoretical and has no right or wrong answer..."

Student 1: "Yes it does..." (and proceeds to answer question).

Student 2: "What a Moamen Bastard!"
by Big Lix November 17, 2010
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A name given to the tough warriors with strong beliefs and faith.
I named my newborn son Moamen to take over the world.
by x1232 July 18, 2018
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A man that was born to take over the world. Has the sweetest puppy eyes and the cutest angel face. He's extremely funny but sometimes gets annoyed. He's super smart.. Einstein doesn't have shit on him.
He has a tendency to say thank you when no thanks is needed.. But he's just polite like that.
He has a cute butt and definitely the cutest facial expressions.
He's obviously a believer.
He's faithful, loyal, sweet, kind, trustworthy & just has a beautiful soul.
He's soo close to perfect some may say that he's God's finest creation.
Moamen is damn close to perfection.
by TakingMyTime September 24, 2018
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