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Nickname: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Or some one who will raw dog a Mexican maid, grope a thousand women, and in general raise an illegitimate family, in the same house as his legitimate family... And will never apologize for using steroids.
1.Man, Mo Bitches is a really great actor.
2.Mo Bitches is the Governor of Califorina.
3.I wish Mo Bitches was here right now, he could lift this heavy object, and probably assault a woman, and no one would care, because the movie Predator was so awesome.
by A_Hung_Gentleman April 02, 2012
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Girl talking loudly on mobilephone, girls addicted to talking and texting, especially in movie theatres and public transportation
Last night in the theatre, i could not enjoy the movie, some Mobitch was receiving calls and talking constantly.
by tomtucker February 12, 2011
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'Mo' meaning 'more', bitches meaning 'females'. 'Mo bitches' can usually be found with good friend 'Mr Bitches' or in a club swarmed by bitches.
by Mo Bitches July 18, 2010
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