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An extremely powerful warrior with the tightest afro known to man. He is blindingly fast, able to dodge multiple bullets, and engrave his initials onto each one as it flies past. He carries a sword that can slice diamond, and is able to transverse into the spirit realm. He has been known to eat ninjas for breakfast, and his friends know him as "The Black Wind".

The origins of Mluleki are unclear. Some say he hails from South Africa, and that the reason for Jacob Zuma's baldness is because Mluleki repeatedly shaves his head in public at lightning speed whenever hair begins to grow. It is also said that Mluleki accounts for 50% of the disappearing rainforests in the world, because his sword hungers for slicing. One thing is certain, while he remains severely underestimated within his public life, he is a great friend, and has an inspiring imagination. If only his peers knew of his true power.
Holy shit, did you see that Ducati?? That was as fast as Mluleki!

Karate student: Sensei, I want to be as good as Mluleki someday...
Sensei: So do I, young one, so do I...
by Spysm July 07, 2009
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