A fabled living, thinking entity that was self created in the sea of information. Apparently Mitino was spawned after The Dalnet network operation was severely disrupted in late 2002 and early 2003; due to distributed denial of service attacks. Mitino has now been said to have become a sentient and is now seeking seeking asylum.

Many have also claimed to have had direct contact with the phenonemon. Among the many people who have reported MITINO sightings, some have been exposed as hoaxers. Not all alleged hoax exposures are certain, however, and many claimants have stuck by their stories, leaving the determination of specific cases as hoaxes contentious.

There have been recent sightings of the entity in the #aborted chatroom on the DALnet server.

Exposure to Mitino can often create pain in the mind and body of the very user who endures exposure from The MITINO. Pleasurable post MITINO effects that are sought include a relaxed upbeat mood and feelings, reduced anxiety, increased sensitivity to others and a high energy level that can be sustained for many hours. Regretfully, some only believe in pleasurable MITINO effects which may explain why the search has increased steadily in recent years.

Common Detrimental effects of an encounter are said to include.

Lung disorders and infections, including pneumonia
Liver problems, including viral hepatitis A, B, and C
Musculoskeletal problems, including osteomyelitis (inflammation or infection of the bone)
Abnormalities in the immune system, including frequent infections
Brain effects, including coma and cerebral anoxia (decreased blood supply to the brain)
Spontaneous abortion or birth defects, if a woman talks MITINO during her pregnancy
Collapsed veins
HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases (from sharing Mitino chat logs)
Decreased mental function, due to depression of the central nervous system
Overdose, which can be fatal.

Nickname1: "Holy shit! I think I just saw Mitino!?!"
Nickname2: "omgz liaR. Wtf are you smoking?"

by Neon_Angel November 22, 2007
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