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One of those sweet girls! She will always make you laugh and smile when you are with her! You will always have a damn good time when you are with her no matter what! She also is more fresh than Rhea and has more swag than Rhea as well!
I like misuni type of girls!
by mkdefinitions December 23, 2014
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A Nigga. But not just any nigga, she's THE NIGGA! She's of those girls who you would love to be around all the time. She's one of those girls who you would kill to spend even 5 minutes with because those 5 min would be the best of your life. She be the most UNIQUE person you will ever get to know and you should be grateful for that. She knows how to cheer you up when your having a bad day and even looking at her face makes you want to smile. She's one of the most freshest girl you will ever meet. Although, she may be fresh, she ain't fresher than Rhea. Now Rhea is some bitchass nigga.

So the bottom line is, Misuni is someone who you would want in your life so bad because of how badass she is. If your currently living your life without a Misuni, you aren't even living at all. If you ever come across a Misuni, cherish that moment forever because you will never find anyone else like her.
"Damn!" "Look man, it's Misuni" "Dude, she's so fresh i forgot how to blink"
by bitchass.nigga December 24, 2014
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