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An unidentified alien species from a planet unknown to humans. If you are in this species, you would be a UEC ( unidentified earthlinglike creature ), for these aliens look like humans, act like humans, but are far more intelligent than humans.

They were first seen, or discovered: Well, since they look like humans, YOU could be one!

If you are from the Mister-E species, you would have these symptoms of what a human would have if they were on "drugs".

Symptom 1: You wouldn't remember anything from the last 5 minutes, only, it would be more like short-term memory lost, because you would NEVER remember anything from the last 5 minutes.

Symptom 2: You would be 5 times better at everything the average human could do ( tested and confirmed ), but you would have very low stamina.

Symptom 3: You would think things that were funny were actually stupid and annoying, and things that were serious, funny.

These creatures can speak like humans, but, they have names that are unlike humans....

To get your name from the Mister-E species, you would have to put MR in front of your name ( for that's the abrieviation of Mister ), then, get a random earthling first and last name, put the initials of that name as your next 2 letters, and finally, put the year you were born.

( Caution: THIS IS NOT A REAL SPECIES, notice, if you say Mister-E, it sounds like Mystery, which means it is a mystery, or unsolved. I made up all of it )
MrRJ92 is an example of a name from a creature of the Mister-E species. The name was formed by...

1. Putting MR in front of the name
2. Putting the first two initials of your name there, for this it would be Richard Jackson.
3.Putting the year this person was born.

* This person is not real *
by MRjT97 June 23, 2009
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