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1. German for 'Missle toe'

2. A Hybrid plane made by the Luftwaffe in 1945 (Piloted by the Kg200) the aircraft consisted of a Focke wulf 190 (FW190) and a Junkers JU-88 medium bomber, with the nose converted into a high explosive tip. The Mistel was designed to destroy heavily fortified positions, but in 1945 with the war just about lost, the Germans used them to destroy bridges that the Allies where crossing.
The Mistel would be flown connected together and the Fw190 would seperate and fly back to base while the Ju-88 part flew into the target and detonated.
At christmas time Germans hang a Mistel.

The Mistel was one of the most suicidal tactics adopted by the Luftwaffe.
by ww2wizzkid October 12, 2009
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