Located in Starkville, Mississippi. Founded as an Agricultural school and still is to this day. Bitter rivals of Ole Miss and all things preppy. Most students wear boots and Wrangler jeans to class; the few preps which do attend are usually rich due to successful farming by their boot and Wrangler wearing parents. Is a school where tradition means very little.
Ben: "Your going to Mississippi State University right?"
Brent: "No I decided that I have too much class; I am going to Ole Miss!"
Ben: "Atta boy."
by brentj101 October 21, 2008
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Mississippi State. Where students drive tractors to school, and fuck cows in their spare time. State fans can be seen enjoying an Alabama hot pocket with their families while tailgating, and indulging in copious amounts of alcohol.
Dude, I was going to go to Mississippi State University, but I didn't wanna catch cow aids!
by Righteous Slaughter May 5, 2019
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