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A sexual act performed by you and one of your buddies on an unsuspecting female. To pull off the Legendary Ghost Walk, one of the male participants proceeds to fuck a girl doggie style, having her face outside a window or opening. Your buddy is hiding in the closet completely naked waiting for the signal. You pull out of the girl pretending to shoot your load but in fact play it off as a false alarm. Your buddy then sneaks out of the closet and slides his dick into the girl. This is the most vital and difficult part of the procedure. You then sneak out of the room while your buddy continuously fucks the girl doggy style. If all goes well, you should walk outside and head toward the window. Once you are in the girls' line of sight, you nonchalantly wave and keep on walking past. The girl should then proceed to freak out, turn around and see that a different person has been banging her for the past five to ten minutes. With her in total shock, he should proudly blow his manchowder all over the girls face. Thus completing THE Mississippi Ghost Walk.
Guy 1: Did you hear that Chris and Ethan pulled off the Mississippi Ghost Walk on that girl from Ashland?

Guy 2: Yeah man! That is fucking legendary.
by Christopher Marc December 06, 2012
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