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Mississipaweazyassachusetts is a State in the northern south between the states of Massachusetts and Assachusetts. Back in 1869 the state of Mississipaweazyassachusetts was founded by people from Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. People from Mississipaweazyassachusetts call themselves "northern southerners". Mississipaweazyassachusans don't fight with their fists, instead they have ice cream fights by flinging spoons full of ice cream at each other, they also throw ice cream cones full of ice cream too. The state capital is Bostaxton Rouge. Mississipaweazyassachusans are stubborn, under educated, and bullheaded. They use school buses as transit buses as well as for schools. They call transit buses "white school buses" and call taxis "school bus cars", they also call cellular phones "cellerma-phones" and laptops "portable desktops". Mississipaweazyassachusans don't like anyone who isn't from their state and call out of staters "normies" (normal people). They make fun of the Toyota Prius and pronounced Prius as "Priass". Mississipaweazyassachusans call their state "The Northern South" and pronounce it as "Norvern Souf"
New Yorker: Where are you from?

Mississipaweazyassachusan: I'm from the norvern souf.

New Yorker: Huh?

Mississipaweazyassachusan: The State of Mississipaweazyassachusetts, up in the norvern souf, it's located up souf.
by Cholo Domexicano October 25, 2013
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