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Similar to being antisexual, a person who is a misosexual does not accept sex. Not only does that person reject sex, but also views sex with disgust or hatred. Misosexuals view sex as offensive. They may be attracted to a gender but choose to view it with contempt. They also find porn offensive and even looking at half naked people as offensive.

This does not mean that misosexuals have been abused or feel worthless. Generally, misosexuals avoid relationships; however, one may be in a relationship (or have feelings of romance) but try to avoid sex and view it with disgust.
1) Jerry, a misosexual, was filled with contempt and disdain at the thought of having sex when he was asked to do so by his co-worker.

2) John had to explain to his friends that he couldn't see the movie because he was a misosexual and the movie allegedly had brief nudity.

3) Although Sophie is a misosexual, she is dating Alex.
by DorokEmperorNamulis October 01, 2015
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