A Mirfanda is a fan of Miranda Sings, the comedic character of real-life singer Colleen Ballinger.
"Wut? Are you keeding me?! I would never cancel a trip to see all my Mirfandas at the mall!" - Miranda
by mandalamama314 January 21, 2015
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A person who is obsessed with the incredibel Superstar Miranda Sings. They love Miranda more then anything in the world and they usually dress just like Miranda and Copy her because they are relly smart. d. anyone who is not a Mirfanda is a HATER and cannot be trusted.
Miranda's MIRFANDAS write her letters, draw her portraits, and give her gifts.
by Gummi Bird February 22, 2021
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those in favor of westward expansion
by pranitLOVESKATE November 2, 2021
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