An alter-ego Youtuber that is played by Colleen Ballinger. Her YouTube channel features her singing badly (though she thinks she amazing), doing tutorials, and vlogging. She has 1.8 million subs and is known for her very large red lips. Her fans are known as Mirfandas.
Q: Did you watch Miranda Sings's new video?

A: Of course. I'm such a mirfanda!
by ratchetlizzie July 8, 2014
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A YouTube personality who wears bright red lipstick and makes funny and comedic videos online.
Have you seen the new Miranda Sings video? I thought it was hilarious!
by singdanceactlove2000 April 28, 2016
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The dumbest, most retarded makeup covered b in all existence. She has a whole 10 million + subscribers on youtube, and no one wonders how it happened. She attempts to cancel huge youtubers like jojo siwa and james charles. about 99.9% of her videos consist of obnoxiously burping, then laughing at it. And her makeup is just lovely...
Did you see miranda sings new video?
by cricket hater September 16, 2020
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