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Someone who bares the world's problems on their shoulders. Always tries to act fine and funny, but really hurts and needs, but doesn't want, help. Willingly sacrifices personal gain for anyone, friend or not. Very humble, this person does not brag about themself, but instead lifts up those they care for. Truly selfless, this person always does what he/she deems right, and has a strict code of honor, but will never admit it. This person is perfectly at home in the corner instead of in the spotlight. While this person may have great charisma, he/she will never know it. Oblivious to the fact that many respect them, this person's goal in life is to gain that respect and gain the power to uphold their own beliefs. This person sees themself as weak and useless, only to become stronger and find usefulness in helping others. This person truly loves everyone, and wishes to solve every problem, so that the burden on his/her shoulders is lightened, but then misses that burden.
Miram, a hero who doesn't take the credit and is almost always at the base of the happiness of those around him/her, even if they don't know it.
by Non Timebo Mala November 01, 2010
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