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1. Minority babble is a term coined by Shaun Noonan, used to describe the rambling gibberish commonly heard between songs on most current rap albums.
Broader use: A more broad use is to describe Ebonics or "whatever the hell the black person was saying". The term is not racist in it's function but it's use has been questioned by the racially sensitive.

2. The screenname of a man on AIM with the most hilarious away messages.
1. Most of the words on this website are minority babble.

S: Did you see Minority Babble's away message today?
A: No, I did not. What did it say?
S: "Pais Hilton attended the O2 Wireless Festival looking like a thin version of Britney Spears. Wait, did I say thin? I meant bug-like. Like a bug. She looks like a bug. You could stand next to her wearing a ladybug costume and people would wonder what the bug was doing standing next to a giant tomato."
by S1A2M3 June 24, 2006
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