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Is a system of social imbalance where a minority (or many minority groups) dictate and set the rules for the majority to follow. Unlike Totalitarianism, Marxism, Communism, this has many people sharing ideological and moral power over the vast majority who are afraid to voice disagreement for fear of being labelled Politically Incorrect, homophobic, Xenophobic, Racist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Islam, etc.
A Minocratic system, is where minority groups have a much louder voice and say than the majority of the population. Whether the Minocratic ideas/ideals are right, relevant or true, is of no importance, neither is the will to tolerate other ideas that differ from theirs.
A Minocratic system is the killer of free speech, free will and freedom of choice due to the fact that, in a true Democracy, men are equal and have a right to voice their opinions, Minocracies discourage these fundamental principles by trying to mould and control the way we think and feel about the world to suit their agenda.
A common tool of manipulation by a Minocratic group is guilt.
Gay lifestyle being pushed and main streamed in spite of the majority of the population being heterosexual.
The rights and welfare of criminals being far more important than those of the victims, even though the majority (or any sane person) firmly believe the rights of victims should outweight the rights of the perpetrator.
The introduction of Halal approved foods here in Australia aimed at the Islamic minority without consideration for the majority. This is also an issue in the European Union countries such as France (Vive la France) who oppose to be subdued by the Islamic Minocracy.
The allocation of welfare benefits being unfairly allocated to migrants while the vast majority of struggling families' rights are neglected, public housing waiting lists are a typical example.
Whether I agree with smoking or not, people have a choice to do so or not, being smoker in today's Minocratic society is parallel to being a leper or a heretic.
And in Australia during the federal election, a Minority of Independents (3) gave the balance of power to the Labour party who came second to the Coalition Party in the number of votes, 3 people decided the political fate of 22 million, if that is not Minocracy then what is?
Global Warming and Climate Change are some of the biggest Minocratic ploys to manipulate the vast majority, often for economic and social advantages over the majority who are suspicious of such theories as they are yet to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
by Pupuhead's Dad September 08, 2010
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