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A sexual act in which a man ejaculates on a woman's chin and then proceeds to plow the semen into her mouth using his balls.
Man, I came on her face and she didn't want to swallow so I gave her the Minnesota snow plow...
by deleuze December 12, 2008
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When a boy jizzes in between a girl's tits, then rubs his dick back and forth in the area between the tits, pushing the jizz to the side. This replicates how a snowplow pushes snow to the side of the street.
Over-excited boy, "Man, I totally gave Sarah a Minnesota snowplow last night!" "Bro, no fucking way, you're the man!" "Yea you should have seen her when I was done, she was covered!"
by Zach Coolcat September 10, 2010
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A sexual position where one person is on their hands and knees and the other person (always male) penetrates the vagina or anus from behind. The person penetrating will then pull the other persons arms out from under them thus forcing them to fall forward as he thrusts.
by dave m. hudson October 22, 2008
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Where one ejaculates on the side of an unsuspecting bystander.
She just looked so sad and aloof walking down the hallway. So just as she turned the corner, I ran up and gave her a Minnesota Snowplow. We both feel so much better now.
by umtonsilbarbiebutchersweetnlow February 17, 2014
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