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1. Similar to Ass-Pirate in that it refers to general prodding of your dick in a small/confined space.

2. An average basketball player who played Colligate basketball for a pussy ass team like Leeds.
3. When you push your penis between your legs and try to insert it into your rectum in an attempt to elicit a prolapsed rectum and in a dire attempt to feel alive.
4. Smoking heaters.
- "God, bad asked me to Minkley last night and now I can't sit in a chair."
- " I could have gone pro, but I Minklied around in Leeds and now I suck at sports."
- "I got esophageal cancer from smoking Minkley's for years.
-"My dick got stuck in the pencil sharpener when I tried to Minkley it"
by ScienceGuy262 January 31, 2015
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