An asshole. Somebody who doesn't know when to not be honest or when to lie. Someone who makes others look bad by being an over achiever.
John: "What the fuck is wrong with that guy, it's like he doesn't even try not be such an asshole."

Adam: "Well he doesn't hold back, he's minix."
by everyoneelseinsec September 8, 2012
A professional dickhead. A busy bastard. Somebody who views everybody that doesn't have the same work ethic, as a dirtbag.
Larry: "I could work my ass off and try to be the best at everything, or I could go out and drink and have a life."

John: "Yeah, he's a total fucking minix. Joe Navy prick."
by everyoneelseinsec September 8, 2012
Hard charging and highly dedicated Marine or Sailor. Usually have an unbelievable devotion to duty. Somebody who is considered an asshole for making everyone else look bad.
Master Sergeant: "Damn that guy has made rank fast."

Gunney: "Yeah..he's a minix."
by everyoneelseinsec June 24, 2012
An operating system derived from UNIX. Used mainly as an educational tool, MINIX has helped spawn some of the greatest OSes of our time, including Linux.
Who the hell needs MINIX when we've got Linux!
by The Leet Seeker February 1, 2004