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A term from the sailors in the U.S. Navy when talking about a person that just seems to LOVE the Navy with a passion. The kind of fools that stay in 20 years or more and love every facet of the navy. They take everything seriously, never put their hands in their pockets, love wearing their uniforms, and really doesn't have a rebellious bone in their body. They have been completely brainwashed by the system and don't even know it. Usually they're not the smartest people and probably couldn't make it out in the civilian world.
"Man, that guy is always walking like a robot, he's always pulling rank even though he's only an E-5, and he's always on someone's case about their 'irish pennants' or the fact that they've got their hand's in their pocket. Plus he loves the navy more than he loves his wife and kids. He's Joe Navy."
by Theo Huxtable April 27, 2005
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