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Mini 14 is a semi automatic rifle, made by Sturm, Ruger. It is the little brother of the US military M14, which fires the .308 or 7.62x51mm Nato cartridge. Mini 14 fires the smaller .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm Nato cartridge, hence it's name Mini 14.
Bank robber Michael Platt, killed two FBI agents with a Mini 14 in Miami 1986.
by Nala Dog March 29, 2009
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Noun: A firearm (rifle/gun) typically used for hunting. Unknown by many people. Tupac represents it in some of his songs and people don;t know what it means....If you don't know, now you know nigga!
"I'm bustin' on these motha fuckas ballin'
Listen you can hear my mini 14 callin'.
From out the window of my drop top
I got my glock cocked
bustin' at niggas
when will it stop ?" -Tupac (Cradle to the Grave)
by CMV1997 April 27, 2006
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