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Also known as “New Age Math.” When the buzzwordmindful” subliminally conveys the idea that one can master the most disliked school subject, by cultivating a relaxed mind for the brain to focus on what is required in a math question—a mind-over-math approach via meditation and relaxation to reduce fear and failure.
The math education industry hasn’t been spared by the Mindfulness Movement, which is promoting “Mindful Math” programs countrywide to target the math-anxious kids of the rich and the famous—they’re preaching the feel-good gospel that math success is more psychological than logical.
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by MathPlus February 07, 2018
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When one consciously makes an effort on how best to present a mathematical concept, so that even the weaker students could painlessly and confidently follow the steps, by identifying as many potential pain points they might experience along the way.
Using design thinking tools, Mr. Ian knows that only mindful math would produce positive results, especially when his audience is made up of mature students and working adults, who reluctantly had to sign up for his statistics classes to earn some credit points.
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by MathPlus September 03, 2018
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