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You know you're Millennial Broke when you have just enough money to cover your rent, living expenses, student loan payment, that $12 cocktail at the bar last weekend (okay both cocktails), and a new outfit...but are crossing your fingers that you don't overdraft your account before you get paid again. Your inability to save has you feeling like a broke victim of being a 20-30 something in a crap economy.
"I'm so broke. Our generation is so screwed," complained Carol as she sipped her cocktail at the trendiest bar in town.

"No, you're just Millennial Broke," Deb replied.

Carol rolled her eyes, "You just don't get it," she said, as she paid her tab and got up to leave. She headed home to her apartment, where she turned the lights on, and got a snack from the fridge. Then she settled onto her couch and flipped the TV on to catch up on shows while opening her MacBook to blog about how broke she is.
by Veronica_Morgan May 12, 2016
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