When a man bends over with his arms pulled back, holding hands for that extra romance as the woman behind him uses a tube top or some other method to keep her breasts pressed together for the man's dick to lay snug between for her to extract every last drop, going as far as to rim him or suck on his balls to make sure to wring out every drop like a milking machine at a stud farm.
"Hey, Jasmin, I'm sorry I've not been replying. I've been super busy with work and wanted to make it up to you. Are you free for dinner this Friday? I promise to make it up to you." "I've missed you too, baby and don't worry; I'll be your personal milking machine for the whole weekend. Mommy missed her stallion, and I'm not going to rest till your legs give out, and I've gotten every last drop from my good little stud muffin." *Sounds of rubber gloves snapping in the background*
by Curare the defenestrator February 25, 2023
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A complex sexual position in which an Alaskan woman is tied naked upside down to a maple tree, covered in syrup, and milked before being humped.
The Alaskan Pancake Pile Driver Upside Down Milk Machine is a common maneuver in the northern outskirts of Canada, where the act will not be interfered with by law enforcement, as it is illegal.
by PoehlerBehr May 14, 2018
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