Used as slang for health and ammunition in the xbox title Halo. Most commonly used by nerds with little or no social life.
Aw snap yo, i need some milk and cookies now or im toast. Yeah thats right
by Knip September 17, 2004
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Having a Milk enema, then expelling the milk, with the chunks of shit, over someones body. Thus looking like a stream of milk filled with Soggy cookie chunks.
"Squat right here baby, oh yea, give me those milk and cookies right here here on my chest."
by dezkreet January 3, 2007
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When a male and female are in a romantic relationship, and the male defecates in a glass of milk (non-fat, 2%, or whole milk), giving it to her without telling her or implying that there is fecal matter submerged within.
"Dude, I totally gave that bitch a Milk and Cookies!" "No way man! did she barf the turd out?"
by Metropolitan Lingo Researcher September 2, 2011
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Refering to a homosexual as a homosexual or acting like a homosexual
"Man does yo boy like mil and cookies or what"
by T Robertson March 26, 2003
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when a man cums into a glass of milk, then takes a shit on a baking sheet, to form cookies out of his shit and bakes them for 30 minutes, then dips the shit cookies into the cum milk and finaly eats them.
milk and cookies
by maxwell house 223 June 7, 2011
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Sure, you get a cookie. But the milk is really jizz.
"Hi honey, you look parched after a long day at work. Can I offer you some milk and cookies?"
by Brother Wumbo December 16, 2019
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The best damn comedy site around were users add the content.
by MalDON February 15, 2005
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