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Miley Cyrus Syndrome, or MCS for short, is an affliction whereby males mistakenly believe that a female is attractive based on her accomplishments or social status, despite her hideous appearance.

For the female version of MCS, see Michael Phelps Syndrome.
Geoff: Wow, Jenna Fischer is so hot.
Brad: No, you just think she's hot because she's on The Office.
Geoff: But she's so cute.
Brad: Are you kidding? She's not really even tappable. You've clearly got Miley Cyrus Syndrome.
Geoff: Whatever. What time is Grey's on tomorrow?
by BBC_Entertainment March 13, 2009
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Miley Cyrus Syndrome is a common syndrome among teens. M.C.S causes teens to act foolish in public to receive attention. People who have M.C.S usually show or do weird things online to receive attention. People with M.C.S are usually found online, mostly on social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter and Mostly Vines. M.C.S also includes people who show off their body in public for attention. These people are usually females, they show them selves on social networking site mostly.

If you or someone you know have the Miley Cyrus Syndrome, you or they should quickly cure it.
A simple cure is to go to and watch the music video Wrecking Ball - By Miley Cyrus to traumatize yourself or others to make them quickly realize what they are doing. This is a serious syndrome and can lead to permanent disorder.

It can lead to Miley Cyrus Disorder which damages your brain to make you think that everyone agrees on the weird things you do.
*There is currently no cure to the disorder, so you should cure the syndrome before it gets too serious.*
Person 1: *Takes pic of herself, posts on internet and calls it selfie monday, tuesday, wednesday...*

Person 2: *Films himself twerking and posts it online.*

Person 3: *Makes weird, lame Vines to get attention*

The all have The Miley Cyrus Syndrome.
by Fake Syndrome Doctor November 28, 2013
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When you have double life, as Hannah Montana does. In Extreme cases people have been now to spontaneously burst into song about how fabbity fab fab their life is.
OMG, I think I have Miley Cyrus Syndrome!
How come?
by ILoveBritishTea8 July 29, 2009
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