nya milan is awesome. The most prettiest girl in the world. Any guy would die for her. Shes outgoing, definitely a daredevil. She really popular to. Id totally go out with her, she is very weird yet a little bit of a control freak . Shes the funniest, cutest, weirdest, best girl I know 😍❤
Id travel the world for nya milan
by nya milan November 13, 2018
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“Milan Sanchez” - “Mu Sanchez” - “Milan Needs”

Definition: The “Milan Sanchez” or “Mu” for short; A parasitic, low vibrational, orphaned creature that wonders the world aimlessly, in no particular direction, seeking to fulfill their daddy issues with an erected African penis up their butthole. The “Mu” parasitic specimen is closely related to species like ticks, scabies & pubic lice. The Milan Sanchez, can often be identified by their curly black perm that resembles Michael Jackson’s pubic hair on top of their head & their smelly, yeasty, bad breath. Their physical body’s are usually “scrawny” or “weak” & voices are often times high pitched or “squeaky” in nature. They tend to leave traces of their unneeded existence by drawing or painting the black penises they so desperately desire on anything that might grab their fathers attention who abandons them after conception. The Milan Sanchez feeds off of the negativity or drama it creates during social interactions due to the traumatic experiences endured during its youth. “Milan Sanchez” or “Mu” is usually diagnosed at the time of birth and is associated with “slutty” or “whorish” prostitutes, who’s love for hard drugs is much greater than the love for their own children. Unfortunately their is no no cure for the “Mu” at this point in time and the individuals who suffer from this form of parasitic infection is just completely fucked at the core of their being.
Randy: “Hey Tod, is it me or are you noticing drawings of black penises everywhere too?” Tod: “oh, you didn’t hear? The neighbors son was diagnosed with Milan Sanchez.”
by Damnnndanielllll March 20, 2023
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Best Yone on EUNE League of Legends game, one of the cutest boys in Serbia and yeah
Milan Dragic is a best Yone Player
Did you see how Milan Dragic plays Yone
by Ruuzay November 21, 2021
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Connecting the unconnected versions with a lifetime of togetherness who are finding someone with the their apt synonyms of betterhalf. True guide to speak your language of love by understanding your choices and finds your perfect one
Bhagya Milan connecting people with a lifetime of togetherness
by Bhagya Milan November 24, 2021
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The actual worst italian team and was involved in a scandal
AC MILAN is so bad, they cheated and got caught
by spaghetti merchants May 25, 2022
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