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Mikela is a loveable kind-hearted person who is always finding something funny, usually found nibbling on junk food or drinking water. Mikela will love playing with her hair and doesn't mind someone special seeing her in the mornings. She's never in a bad mood and is always happy to talk to anyone. Everyone loves Mikela, don't deny it. She's beautiful
You're so pretty! Duh, I'm Mikela.
I love your personality! Thanks. What's your name? Mikela.
Your hair is amazing. Thanks, I'm Mikela.
What's my personality and looks out of 10? Above that, Probably around Mikela.
Don't you just love Mikela? Yeah, but she's Calum's unfortunately.
by London_guy101 April 09, 2013
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Mikela is the sexiest girl you'll ever meet. She's good in bed, and she will let you fuck her, Day and Night.
"Damn, who's she?"
"That's Mikela."
by sweg122 January 15, 2014
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The term Mikela refers to a mentally challenged person who struggles doing normal stuff in day to day life.
We should respect mikelas for what they are!
by MidhiBeni March 19, 2019
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A smart dude who loves to surround himself with wonderful people and a vast majoratity of knowledge, has possible futures as a lawyer or politiciation as far as personality is very kind and caring to his friends and others all around great guy to be around and just have a nice chat with
I wish Mikelas was here so we could hang out
by Alex D. L October 20, 2013
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