A freestyle battle rapper from the Northern Kentucky area. Recently crowned the MTVU Spring Break "Battle Rap Champ" in Panama Florida during spring break.
Mike P. Winning verse from mtvu battle:
"U get no Leway-
Get beat in a Battle rap 3way-
U aint never seen play-
Beanie sigle and freeway had a three way with there dj-
and thats what happened."
by Mr. Brockley April 13, 2009
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The legend of P Mike is one shrouded in mystery. He himself, is a modern mystery, a rubix cube of sorts. Even his name is a mystery as no one is 100% sure what the P stands for. Local folklore give meanings to the "P" in P Mike as Pretty, Pastor, Pimp, PM for the darkest Mike they know, some say the P is whatever you want it to be...
Why do they call you P Mike?

Yo, where is P Mike?

P Mike...where have you been?
by Siri.1 October 5, 2012
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