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A drop dead gorgeous woman with the ideals of a child. She laughs like rain, and sings like an angel. She's the most creative, sensitive, empathetic, unique individual. Her friends would die for her. She deserves better than what she gets but you'll never see her complain.
by anybeth February 08, 2011
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A sexy ass light skin princess,who laughs like rain,she’s a goof ball,and likes to prank people.She is thick,intelligent,fine,and she gets all the boys.Mikailah can sometimes be mean and annoying be she is also a true friend and a loyal girl.She encourages people to do a lot in life and she wants to be a life changer.One day she will make this world equal.
Ouuu I want to meet this Mikailah😍

Who is this girl?
by TireckJish November 23, 2018
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